Tuesday 4 April 2023

Health Ranger Report: Desperate US banking system will LIMIT cash withdrawals to stop bank runs

 The American banking system is so desperate that regulators are limiting cash withdrawals to stop bank runs caused by “customer behavior,” according to the Health Ranger Mike Adams.

“The banking system in the U.S. is so desperate that the regulators are going to limit withdrawals in order to stop bank runs. This is what the regulators have decided is the best path and they are blaming the bank runs … on customer behavior,” he said during a recent edition of the “Health Ranger Report.”

While banks are safe as long as people do not need their money out, the fact that customers are engaging in bank runs means that banks aren’t safe at all.

Adams then played a video clip from financial planner Steven Van Metre, who warned that the government is setting new rules and regulations for the banking industry. He said: “[The] government looks to take control of your money by limiting how you access it, in the name of preventing bank runs.”

The Natural News and Brighteon.com founder agreed with Van Metre, commenting that customers are being blamed for the bank runs instead of bad policies. These include the reckless money printing and the sudden raising of interest rated by the Federal Reserve. He also pointed out that both the Fed and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen have refused to take the blame over the financial collapse.  

Health Ranger: Get your money out of banks ASAP

According to Adams, withdrawals aren’t the only things that regulators will limit – wire transfers will also be included. He explained that such limits have been historically done right before every total financial collapse. “This is something that has been done throughout history, and it looks like it’s going to be done again. Why again? Mass desperation on the part of the banking system.”

The Natural News founder added that governments will not announce this policy in advance as it will trigger bank runs everywhere. Instead, it will be a surprise announcement to prevent people from getting their money out. While Americans’ money will still be in banks, they will lose value every day due to money printing and bailouts.

This collapse, according to Adams, is just one way to wean people into central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and digital wallets. These would enable the government to surveil the people and completely deprive them of privacy. Given this goal, he pointed out that the banking system has no interest in serving or helping their customers as they only serve the globalists, the government and themselves.

He also advised Americans to be aware of daily transfer limits in banks, as well as daily cash withdrawal limits at ATMs. Those with a sizable amount of money should learn how to move or spread it around before the surprise rule kicks in.

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