Tuesday 25 April 2023

America is the BIGGEST THREAT to Taiwan right now, says geopolitical researcher Brian Berletic

 The United States is the biggest threat to Taiwan, according to writer and researcher Brian Berletic. He made the statement in an interview with Mike Adams during the April 18 episode of the “Health Ranger Report” podcast.

“I know there’s a lot of skepticism, but I have been to China, and I lived in a region where China has a lot of influence. I can easily compare and contrast their approach to doing business in the region to the United States’ approach to doing business in the region. And I think the U.S. right now is Taiwan’s biggest threat,” Berletic told Adams.

Adams, who lived in Taiwan for a couple of years, said he was concerned that the U.S. is going to exploit the Taiwanese people in the same way they have exploited the people of Ukraine. Adams believes the U.S. will use Taiwan as a proxy nation to provoke China into a war in exactly the same pattern seen in Ukraine.

Berletic agreed.

“That’s exactly what they’re doing, they’re doing it openly. They write entire articles in the media about how Taiwan is the next Ukraine, essentially. And Taiwan has been a proxy of U.S. power in the region since the end of the Chinese Civil War. The U.S. military was actually stationed there until they adopted their One China policy,” said Berletic.

The former member of the U.S. Marine Corps and independent geopolitical researcher noted that despite adopting the One China policy, the Americans have been promoting separatism in Taiwan for a long time.

“And they’re not doing it out of any sort of interest for the people living there. They’re doing it solely for this desire to encircle and contain all of China and actually all of Asia. They don’t want a prosperous Asia to collectively surpass the U.S. any more than they want China individually to surpass the U.S.,” Berletic stated.

War with China will lead to total devastation of Taiwan’s infrastructure

Berletic, who is based in Bangkok, said the U.S. military may not even defend Taiwan. He mentioned that U.S. policies state that their goal is to simply humiliate China through Taiwan.  

“They admit infrastructure and industry will be destroyed. And they even admit that if China doesn’t destroy the infrastructure and industry, the U.S. will step in and do it. Deny it to the rest of China. So, this is what they’re openly planning to do,” Berletic said.

Berletic said absolute devastation will happen in Taiwan’s infrastructure, semiconductor facilities and airports when war breaks out. He noted that China is patient and understands that time is working in its favor.

The geopolitical researcher also pointed out that war is not something either side wants. He believes that if both Taiwan and China can prevent war from happening, they will eventually be able to work out their differences in a mutually beneficial way – especially with the U.S. fading from the region.

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