Tuesday 14 March 2023

If the System Is Collapsing Should We Let It?


The United States might survive another 10 years, but the crises will increase in both frequency and intensity until the end. And, as Steve Bannon has said since Friday night, this is not your fault.

You did not drive the dot com bubble.

You did not cause the 2008 financial collapse.

You did not impose Covid lockdowns or toss cash from helicopters for three years.

You got a job, paid your bills, and saved what you could.

You moved to good school districts so your kids could get into a college with a name people recognize.

You painted your porch and upgraded your windows and tried to keep up your lawn.

But the people with advanced degrees from those well-known universities did none of that. They played you like a sucker. They schmoozed your Congressman for special treatment and federal dollars. They bought a drink for a Senator in Jefferson City and got tax freedom for a generation. They took your savings and lost it on casino bets. And, now, they’re demanding you cover their losses.

The rich and powerful are coming to you and me for handouts for a very simple reason: there are many more of us than there are of them.

The elites think there’s strength in their exclusivity. And they’re right—until the uninvited, the unwashed masses, get fed up. Exclusivity is powerful until the plebes no longer care about the consequences of taking them down.

In the TV series Billions, a character made an astute observation: the only thing more dangerous than a man with unlimited means is a man with nothing to lose.

The uninsured depositors at SVB are men of unlimited resources. You and I are men with nothing to lose.

The sooner you realize there are 10 million of us losers for every 1 elite winner, the sooner we can even the score and end this nonsense.

It begins when we say, “hell no’ to everything they propose. Everything from more money for defense to a new infrastructure project in your town. Be an obstructionist. Do what’s right, regardless of the consequences. Turn against the elites like a rabid dog.

You have nothing to lose, whether you know it or not. But there are hundreds of millions of us with nothing to lose. Imagine how frightening that is to the likes of David Sacks.

Crash the system.

Collapse the economy.

We have each other, but elites have only their uninsured deposits.

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