Tuesday 28 February 2023

Woman behind Libs of TikTok writes children's book that 'will give parents and children a tool they can use to spot predatory behavior'

 Chaya Raichik, the woman behind the Libs of TikTok Twitter account, has authored a children's book meant to help teach kids to trust their parents and not keep secrets from them.

"If an adult tells a child to keep a secret from their parents, that's a huge red flag. I wrote a kid's book which will give parents and children a tool they can use to spot predatory behavior. My goal is to get this book into as many homes, schools, and libraries in this country as possible!" she tweeted on the Libs of TikTok Twitter account.

The forthcoming book, titled "No More Secrets: The Candy Cavern," targets 4- to 8-year-old kids.

"My book is a colorful, modern-day take on the classic, Little Red Riding Hood," Raichik wrote. "It is a fun, beautifully illustrated and age-appropriate story about a sheep named Rose who starts second grade with a new teacher, Mr. Wooly. He suspiciously convinces his students to eat candy and treats everyday at school while telling them to keep it a secret from their parents. Mr. Wooly uses phrases like, 'don't worry about what your parents said,' 'you can trust me,' and 'my class is a safe space.' These are the very phrases that predators in authority positions use on children. Without a strong foundation of trust in her family, Rose may not have felt that twinge of uncertainty alarming her that something was off."

Raichik uses the Libs of TikTok Twitter account to expose the activity and musings of radical leftists, often by reposting the videos that leftists themselves have shared online.

Seth Dillon, who is the CEO of the popular satire site the Babylon Bee, announced last year that he made a deal with Raichik that would "turn her heroic, high-risk work into a career" — he noted that he "personally" made the deal, and the Bee was not involved.

Dillon recently noted that Slack had permanently suspended service for Libs of TikTok: "If your business is defending kids, Slack doesn’t want your money," he tweeted.

Raichik is scheduled to speak at the upcoming CPAC conference.

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