Tuesday 21 February 2023

For Those Who Have a Problem with Soros Praising Ron DeSantis – Maybe Ask George to Clarify the Remarks Himself


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and George Soros

On Thursday oe Hoft posted on George Soros’s recent comments on potential 2024 presidential candidates including President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Conservative Treehouse reported on this last Thursday.

Saying that DeSantis “is shrewd, ruthless, and ambitious”, George Soros delivers an endorsement of the Florida governor adding, “He is likely to be the Republican candidate.”

When billionaire leftist and creepy globalist George Soros is complimenting your personality attributes, you just might be doing the whole Republican presidential candidate thing wrong. Just sayin’.

The Gateway Pundit then posted a transcript of George Soros’s remarks.

George Soros: “My hope for 2024 is that Trump and Governor DeSantis of Florida will slug it out for the Republican nomination. Trump has turned into a pitiful figure, continually mourning his loss in 2020. Big Republican donors are abandoning him in droves. DeSantis is shrewd, ruthless, and ambitious. He is likely to be a Republican candidate.”

TGP also posted the video:

The Washington Examiner pointed out the comments from Soros earlier in the day:

In a wide-ranging speech, Soros ripped Trump’s presidency and complemented elements of DeSantis’s style.

“DeSantis is shrewd, ruthless, and ambitious,” said Soros, adding, “He is likely to be the Republican candidate.”

Trump, on the other hand, “has turned into a pitiful figure continually bemoaning his loss in 2020. Big Republican donors are abandoning him in droves,” he said.

Soros, an international financier and philanthropist, typically dumps millions of dollars into political races and committees. He heads a global liberal network of groups pushing climate change, financial reform, and changes to the criminal system.

He recently teamed with Charles Koch and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund to revive the Iran nuclear deal, according to reports.

TGP also added that Soros hates President Trump and did all he could to see him removed from office.  That is not a secret.

Obviously, we received a lot of pushback for this previous post.

Since then NewsweekRolling StoneYahooBusiness Insider, and others have weighed in on the controversial remarks.

There are those like Trey Gowdy who believe what Soros said was not an endorsement of DeSantis.

We reported on what Soros said.

Maybe those most upset with this report should follow up with George Soros rather than attack The Gateway Pundit for reporting on his comments.

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