Saturday 25 February 2023

Biden Border Crisis: NYC Hospitals Spend Almost $100M to House Illegals


While American citizens are suffering under a disastrous Biden administration, illegals continue to receive better resources than many of our homeless veterans, children aging out of foster care and other Americans in need.

More than 47,100 migrants have arrived in New York City because of Biden’s broken border.  And now, New York City Mayor Eric Adams is bypassing standard government oversight procedures by giving control of emergency relief operations for illegals to the city’s public hospital system.

An October 2022 agreement between the City and the New York City Health + Hospitals Corporation shares the process for “Humanitarian Emergency Response and Relief Centers” (HERRCs.)

The memo reveals the City’s commitment to reimburse H+H for the costs of building and operating the centers, a cost that is nearing $100M.

The City reports:

Health + Hospitals board meeting materials show that H+H President and CEO Mitchell Katz last fall authorized more than $92 million in spending on Manhattan hotels through spring 2023: $40 million for ROW nyc, $20 million for the Watson, $28 million for the Stewart and $5.8 million for the Wolcott.

H+H is also paying to use a Holiday Inn in Lower Manhattan, as revealed in the ongoing bankruptcy case of the hotel’s operator. That HERRC opened earlier this month.

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