Tuesday 18 October 2022

WICKED: DOJ Releases Racy Text Messages Between Oath Keepers Founder and His Attorney Girlfriend During His Bogus Sedition Trial – But Never Released a Single Salacious Strzok-Page Sex Text Ever

 Oath Keepers founder and president Stewart Rhodes is on trial in Washington DC on bogus sedition charges.

The DOJ put together a smoking pile of horsesh*t to create the completely dishonest narrative that the Oath Keepers, who did not carry ANY WEAPONS with them on January 6th, were attempting to overthrow the government that day. Around six to ten unarmed Oath Keepers entered the US Capitol that day, walked around, and left when they were told.

They are now all sitting in prison since their arrest following the Jan. 6 protests.

The federal government has charged Stewart Rhodes and 10 others with sedition. The good news for the DOJ is that the trial is in Washington DC where Republicans have a ZERO to none chance of beating the ridiculous charges they are facing.

On Monday the Biden DOJ released salacious text messages between Stewart Rhodes and his partner Kellye SoRelle from January 6th. It is the corrupt government’s way of humiliating their subjects before they find them guilty. Both Stewart and Kellye are single and were seeing each other at the time. 

Our federal government today is no better than any banana republic. It’s just too bad Republicans are the controlled opposition and afraid of their own shadows.

Via The Independent.

Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes and Kellye SoRelle, the group’s legal counsel, appear to have been sharing more than just an ideology.

Justice Department prosecutors revealed during the Oath Keepers’ trial on Monday that Mr Rhodes and Ms SoRelle had been exchanging text messages that suggest the two were involved in a romantic relationship.

“Speaking of f****** … if you need some come on over,” Mr Rhodes texted the attorney in the days before the Capitol riot.

Ms SoRelle said she could not, but Mr Rhodes insisted that he would “drag [her] into bed later”.

Despite initially turning Mr Rhodes down, Ms SoRelle later sends him a text suggesting she was amenable to his advances.

More here.

It was totally unnecessary for the DOJ to release these text messages to the public. But it is not surprising.

Now compare this to the two anti-Trump lovebirds who were behind the fake Trump-Russia collusion scandal. Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, both married at the time, exchanged over 10,000 text messages while they were attempting their coup against President Trump. The corrupt FBI and DOJ released less than 10 percent of their text messages. And the FBI-DOJ did not release a single salacious tweet between the two married and cheating lovebirds.

See how that works?

The DOJ is a completely corrupt organization at this point. God help us.

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