Monday 31 October 2022

‘Why You Have To Have Police’: Watters Says America’s ‘Crime Wave’ Finally Made Its Way To Pelosi’s House

 A surge in violent crime in America finally reached the house of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Fox News host Jesse Watters said Friday while discussing the early-morning attack on her husband, Paul.

“It’s happening to everybody. Doesn’t matter who you are. You gotta watch out. I hope he’s better. I hope he recovers quickly because getting hit in the head with a hammer does not sound fun at all,” Jesse Watters said. “He’s had a rough year. He almost died in a car accident and now he almost died from a hammer attack. I wish him and his wife well and a speedy recovery.” 

San Francisco Police Chief William Scott identified the alleged perpetrator as 42-year-old David DePape, who has been charged with crimes including attempted homicide, assault with deadly weapon and elder abuse, USA Today reported. Paul Pelosi suffered a fractured skull in the attack, during which DePape allegedly demanded to know where Nancy Pelosi was, Fox News reported.

“The guy that is the alleged attacker sounds like a homeless nudist. He was living in a storage locker and he was an illegal alien from Canada with a rap sheet in San Francisco, we believe,” Watters continued. “He should have been deported. But San Francisco is a sanctuary city. He’s wacked. I read his social media profile, the man is crazy, and everybody should have known that, so he’s mentally ill.”

New York City and Philadelphia saw crime rates increase from 2021, a year in which six major cities reported record-high levels of violent crime. A Trafalgar poll from September noted that 67.9% of respondents felt less safe than they did two years ago.


“There’s a crime wave, it’s touched everybody. The crime wave has now come to the speaker of the house’s house. It came to Zeldin’s house. He’s a congressman running for governor here. Someone rushed the stage with a weapon,” Watters continued, referring to a July incident where Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin of New York, who is running for governor, narrowly avoided being stabbed and an October incident where two people were shot outside Zeldin’s home.

“Remember, if you call on a welfare check, the Left wants to send a social worker. What if a social worker had come to this call? You would have had a dead husband and you would have had a dead social worker,” Watters said later. “That’s why you have to have police. Thank God the police were there and remember, the Democrats defunded the police in San Francisco. Big mistake, and they put the money back in, but these are the kind of mistakes that we cannot keep making.”

San Francisco Mayor London Breed announced plans to reduce the police budget by $120 million in February 2021, KQED reported, but reversed course later that year as crime increased, including a wave of organized shoplifting that prompted Walgreens to close multiple stores in the city.

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