Tuesday 18 October 2022

New Election Integrity App VotifyNow Allows Users To Share Election Integrity Concerns And Irregularities Nationwide


A new app called VotifyNow gives voters the ability to easily share election integrity concerns and election irregularities across the country.

The app, created by Johnny Vieira following public distrust in the 2020 Election, is available now on Google Play and the App Store.

Users can report mail-in ballot issues, polling location issues on election day, vote counting issues, and other red flags in their elections nationwide. 

“VotifyNow is the only tool that works in real-time where someone is seeing something, and they are reporting it. We made it super easy for them to do. They could just hit one button and ping it exactly where it happened, submit a photo, a video, and a brief description,” Vieira told The Gateway Pundit.

“Also, we have what’s called a co-admin panel where we align with local community leaders, whether they are officials of the party or volunteers. We line up with trusted people who can come on the back end of the platform, and they can help us work with the app users in their area. That’s a big part of what we do that nobody else seems to do.”

Election integrity concerns, once reported, will appear on the app’s map for others to view and give feedback.

These incidents will be vetted by administrators who are constantly monitoring the app and published in the app with color coding, which indicates how serious the issue is.

The app has been promoted by election integrity heroes like Trump-Endorsed Arizona Secretary of State Nominee Mark Finchem.

Radio host John Fredricks has called this app an “election integrity game changer.”

VotifyNow is also promoted on Precinct Strategy’s website.

VotifyNow App supported by Dan Schultz’s Precinct Strategy

According to Vieira, this bi-partisan platform was created to “help share incidents and keep the incidents in the public eye” to secure our elections. “We would love nothing more than people from both sides of the aisle to report anything that they see that might be suspicious,” he said.

“I think people have lost faith, and I think by getting people involved in a sort of community policing is a way to help restore faith in the election process.”

From votifynow.org:

VotifyNow is a FREE intuitive app that helps users strengthen the voting process in their local, state and national elections (not affiliated with a government agency)

It’s a tool that will notify voters, party members and volunteers of any election/voter irregularities in their communities based on real time information being entered in by the users.

The app can also help users check for and report any mail in ballots issues they are experiencing through an array of Election Integrity tools to help detect and report any suspicious activity back through the app so the users can view.

Users can upload a brief description and image or video of what they observe onto the app (always follow state and federal laws and guidelines) where it can be analyzed for patterns of suspicious activity to be investigated further by designated Co- admin users. This information is then also sent back out to all the users in that area so everybody can see these issues.

VotifyNow can also help voters/users monitor polling stations… again checking for and reporting any irregularities they observe through the app.

And VotifyNow will share information on local, state and national candidates so our users could have the opportunity to learn more about these candidates running in upcoming elections. Furthermore, users can rate the Candidates after learning about their politics.

Also, VotifyNow users can soon check for upcoming school board and city council meetings to attend and make their voices heard.

Soon VotifyNow can be used by canvassers updating voter lists while walking their neighborhoods to get out their parties message

VotifyNow will continue to roll out expanded features as per our users feedback that we collect

All these features and more are available on

Available Now for Android and iPhone.


If you absolutely can’t get the app active on your mobile phone please go to the Report & Contact Us button here on this site or email us at  report@votifynow.org to report incident and upload photo, video or docs…

VotifyNow also gives users the opportunity to rate their candidates up and down the ballot.

Administrators are currently working on a canvassing tool that would allow voters to canvass their neighborhood, “kind of like what Campaign Sidekick does,” according to Vieira.

The Gateway Pundit has viewed some of the reported incidents, and we will report on major issues that are reported in the app.

Patriots across the country can download the VotifyNow app to report election red flags and help to restore faith by securing elections.

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