Friday 14 October 2022

Lapdog Reporters Slobber All Over Joe Biden For Leaving Extra $60 to Los Angeles Taqueria Worker


For four years Donald Trump donated his presidential salary of $400,000 to charitable causes and the media totally ignored his generosity.

However, the same media sycophants who ignored Trump’s generosity are now slobbering all over Joe Biden for tipping a taqueria worker $60.

Joe Biden gave $60 of taxpayer-funded money to a taco shop worker and the media thought it was the coolest thing ever.

Biden has never earned an honest dollar in his life. 

He has spent decades feeding at the trough of the hardworking American taxpayer and sold out his public office to the highest bidder.

Biden is a lifelong grifter and criminal career politician.

Joe Biden visited Tacos 1986 near UCLA with Democrat Mayoral candidate Karen Bass.

“Biden ordered a quesadilla asada and a quesadilla de pollo – giving him an option of steak or chicken, along with four tacos de pollo that were offered on the mixed English and Spanish menu of the Tijuana-style establishment.” The Daily Mail reported.

Biden gave a little extra money to the worker for the next customers.

Big deal.

The media was impressed with Joe Biden.

Reporters slobbered all over Joe Biden for spending $16 at the taco shop and leaving a little extra cash.

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