Monday 24 October 2022

Karine Jean-Pierre Gets Called Out For Joe Biden’s Non-Stop Lies on the Economy (VIDEO)


White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Monday was called out for Joe Biden’s non-stop lies on the economy.

Earlier Monday Joe Biden told all kinds of lies while he delivered remarks from the DNC headquarters.

  • Biden falsely claimed, “no one earning less than $400,000 per year will pay a single additional penny in federal taxes.”
  • Biden falsely claimed, “We have a lower inflation rate than most any other nation in the world.”
  • Biden absurdly claimed, “We the Democrats are the ones that are fiscally responsible. Let’s get that straight now, okay?” 

Fox News reporter Jacqui Heinrich called KJP out on all of Biden’s lies.

“Today Biden appeared to be countering some GOP messaging on the economy and he told people that Republicans like to call Democrats big spenders and people should get the facts, but the facts don’t seem to be exactly how he’s painting it on some of these issues,” Heinrich said.

“He has claimed repeatedly that the Administration reduced the deficit, but if you break it down, spending was tied to the pandemic, those programs expired and that brought down the deficit and that deficit reduction was spent on canceling student loans,” Heinrich added.

She continued, “And then on the jobs claims that he made, he said that President Trump was the first since Hoover to lose jobs during his administration but any claim that he had created 10 million new jobs, but in reality those jobs had just been added back and the BLS said only 514,000 jobs have been newly created. So, how are people supposed to take this…messaging…seriously when…this feels like smoke and mirrors?”

Karine Jean-Pierre delivered a word salad and attacked Trump with more lies.


KJP falsely claimed Republicans would “repeal” Social Security and Medicare if they retake Congress in November.

This is the same lie Democrats repeat over and over ahead of elections to scare senior citizens.


Jacqui Heinrich pushed back.

“So why doesn’t [Biden] lean more on that language than continuing to repeat this ‘we reduced the deficit’ thing that feels like, sort of irrelevant?”

KJP continued to lie about the deficit and falsely claimed Joe Biden reduced the deficit.



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