Saturday 29 October 2022

Did Mystery Third Person Open Door for Police at Pelosi House? If So, Who Was It?


The San Francisco Police Department released some information regarding Paul Pelosi’s arrest but some very important information has been left out to date.  

The San Francisco Police held their first press conference on the events earlier in the day yesterday and they didn’t mention how the police got into the house, but somehow they did.

During the second interview the police mentioned the following as we reported this morning:

** According to Chief Scott, the police officers arrived at the front door of the Pelosi home. The door was opened “by someone inside.”

Politico made the statement that the police were let inside by an unknown person.  This is all over the Internet.  Cernovich commented on this.

Now people are wondering if there was a third person involved in the incident.

There likely is information that shows what happened.  The house and the police likely had cams on the situation.  What is the truth?  Is there a third person?

What the hell is really going on?  Was there another person there?  Was there more than one other person that was there?  Was it an employee of Paul Pelosi or another friend?  If so, why didn’t this worker call the police – the police said that Pelosi called the police.

So many questions – so few answers. 

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