Wednesday 26 October 2022

CLOWN SHOW: Biden Calls Kamala Harris “President” Again


We’ve seen it before.  Now he does it again.  Joe Biden called Kamala Harris “President” again. 

He did it again.  Biden had a rough day yesterday.  In a tree-planting ceremony, he got lost. His wife Jill had to round him up again. 

Biden also called Kamala Harris “President” again. 

It’s not the first time Biden called Kamala “President”.  Biden labeled Kamala “President” in a speech about nuclear weapons.  Joe Biden is talking about one of the most serious topics in the world and he forgets his Vice President is not President.  This is frightening. 

Biden called Kamala “President” in a commencement address.  The graduates must have wanted their money back. 

Biden also called Kamala “President” in a speech on COVID. 

The Democrats believe that a half-conscious senile old man can lead the free world.  They have no problem with not knowing who is really running this country.  They will do anything for power.  

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