Saturday 24 September 2022

Kevin McCarthy Releases GOP Commitment to America – A Safe List of Platitudes that Is as Uninspiring as He Is Authentic – Did Frank Luntz Write This?

 House minority leader Kevin McCarthy on Friday released the 2022 Republican Commitment to America.

The list is a safe and toothless list of promises to the American public.

The country is under Communist assault – the economy is in freefall to undetermined depths – foreign policy is a disaster – government has actually turned on its people – the FBI is a Stasi offshoot – inflation is wrecking American families – our youth is dying from candy-colored fentanyl – the border is wide open – there is NO free speech permitted online – dimwit AOC is making policy – the experimental vaccine is causing 6 foot clots in children – the Taliban is flying our helicopters, and Fauci still has a job.

The country has never been in such clear and present danger.

And we get a milquetoast list by an uninspiring lawmaker who wants Twitter and Facebook to silence fellow Republicans. 

Did Frank Luntz write this?

What about:
** Investigations into the deaths of four Trump supporters on Jan. 6
** Committee hearings with Lt. Mike Byrd and Officer Lila Morris
** How many government operatives were working the Jan. 6 riot? What was their roll?
** Daily Hunter Biden committee hearings
** Defunding the FBI
** Ensuring free and fair elections
** Outlaw drop boxes forever
** Match funding of US border wall to Ukraine spending
** Impeachment hearings on Sec. Mayorkas and AG Merrick Garland on day one
** Introduce first article of impeachment against Joe Biden by end of January 2023
** Pass bill to send ALL ILLEGAL MIGRANTS to Sanctuary cities and states
** Pass Rep. Gohmert’s legislation to move political prisoner trials to their home districts

That’s just a start.

Julie Kelly is right.

The New York Post reported:

House Republicans pledged Friday to end soaring inflation and reduce crime by serving as a check on President Biden if they reclaim power — calling the party’s midterm election platform a “Commitment to America.“

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) announced the big-tent framework inside an HVAC manufacturing plant outside Pittsburgh, Pa.

“We want to roll [the plan] out to you, to the entire country, to know exactly what we will do if you would trust us and give us the ability to take a new direction for this country,” McCarthy said.

The kickoff featured a business-casual Q&A where dozens of GOP legislators took turns fielding questions.

The Republicans vowed to rein in government spending to lower the worst inflation in 41 years — with consumer prices up 8.3% over 12 months as of August.

Speakers also promised to address crime, including record-high illegal immigration, rising violent crime in cities and fentanyl smuggling that’s accelerated overdose deaths.

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