Sunday 3 July 2022

‘I’d Be On A F***in’ Boat!’: Pissed-Off Liberal Unloads On Rich Democrats For Doing Nothing And Then Begging Him For Money

 A viral video that circulated on Twitter on Wednesday showcased an angry liberal man giving wealthy Democrats an earful for getting nothing accomplished and then asking people like him for money.

The video, which originated on @Alex_Pearlman’s TikTok, began with him explaining that he couldn’t really attack Republicans — despite clearly disliking them — because he did not believe them to be capable of or willing to embrace change.

So instead, he directed his anger at Democrats — because he expected them to do better.


“I’m not going to shut up about this, I’m not, because I can’t yell at the Republicans. They’re not gonna change, they are who they are, we’re stuck with them. We’re not gonna change them,” he began. “You can’t shame them, you can’t convince them, you can’t trick them, you can’t f***ing outplan them.”

“But I can yell at the Democratic Party,” he continued. “And I can tell them where they can at least make one f***ing small change to stop pissing me the f*** off every hour right now. Stop sending me — stop sending me fundraising requests right now. Okay?”

He went on to claim that Republicans had been planning to overturn the landmark abortion case Roe v. Wade for 50 years — a plan that came to fruition in the wake of the Supreme Court’s 6-3 decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization last Friday. He added that given their desire to overturn the case — which Republicans had not exactly hidden — along with the leaked early opinion draft that almost mirrored Friday’s decision — Democrats should not have been caught by surprise when the final ruling was handed down.

“Your response, after fiver weeks of careful study and planning and thought has been to send us nonstop fundraising emails,” he said.

He then proceeded to list off a number of high profile Democrats who were worth tens and even hundreds of millions of dollars. He began with Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) and named several others before getting to “Speaker of the f***ing House,” Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

“Dianne Feinstein, who doesn’t know where the f*** she is right now, the Senator from California, part of the Democratic Party, is worth $87.9 million. Million,” he continued. “You guys want money? F***ing call your guy! You call him every week to do insider trading. Stop f***ing sending me emails. Stop sending me f***ing texts. Stop f***ing reading poems and singing g**d*** karaoke.”

He concluded by saying that rich, elected Democrats had power — and if they thought doing the job they were elected to do was too difficult, they should just retire. “If I had $114.7 million, Nancy Pelosi, you know what I’d do? First thing, I’d get my f***ing husband a driver so he doesn’t get a g**d*** DUI. Second thing you know what I’d do? I’d be on a f***ing boat.”

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