Tuesday 12 July 2022

EPIC: Comedian Refuses Woke Streaming Service’s Demands to Censor Jokes, Spends “Life Savings” to Buy His Own Comedy Special Back – “Let’s Change the Game”


This week, comic Andrew Schulz rolled the dice on himself and refused to back down to the woke streaming service that “freaked out” and wanted him to edit or cut entire jokes deemed too inappropriate and “wild” from his new comedy special. In an epic act of independence, Schultz spent his entire life savings to buy back his content so that he could release it himself.

In an announcement on Twitter, Schulz blasted the executives at an unnamed streaming service for panicking after they watched the material included within the special, which included jokes about controversial topics like Ted Bundy, Michael Jackson, and abortion – the last of which surely caused some woke heads to explode. Schultz explained that he was told that he needed to remove the triggering material or else his work would not be released on the platform.

However, for Schulz, “it’s simple” – that’s never going to happen.From Schulz:

“It’s simple really. I’m not gonna edit my material and cut out jokes [because] a network is worried about Twitter backlash. That’s it.” 

According to several sources, including ZeroHedge and TMZ, the streaming service in question is Amazon.

From ZeroHedge:

“A well-placed industry insider tells ZeroHedge that while Schulz has worked with Netflix in the past, Amazon is the streaming service in question.” 

In a video about the situation, Schulz asked his followers to help spread the word about his massive “gamble,” adding how he’s a “very stubborn guy, so long story short, I took my f—ing life savings and I bought my special back.”

From Schulz:

“I think people like real authentic comedy, and I think that they would prefer that than some watered down corporate boardroom bullsh*t.”

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