Monday 27 June 2022

Watch: Pro-Abortion Protester Shoots Makeshift Flamethrower at Police Officers

 You have months of rioting, billions in damages, cities unraveling, indifferent politicians and before you know it, somebody gets hurt.

That somebody is Michael Ortiz. He was arrested Friday and hit with an attempted murder charge and a million-dollar bail during a Los Angeles protest of the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Seems Ortiz decided to stand up for the rights of women by firing a makeshift flamethrower at cops.

The LAPD was not amused. So Ortiz had the book thrown at him. And I guess we’ve learned that flamethrowers represent a red line in the sand.

It’s about time someone dealt with these thugs.

Reporter Andy Ngo, who in 2021 suffered serious injuries after getting beaten by Antifa, tweeted a video of Ortiz firing his flamethrower.

As Ngo indicated, besides Ortiz, somebody else got hurt. Not that Ortiz suffered any physical injuries we know of, but his flamethrower caused a police officer to be hospitalized for burns, The Hill said.

That’s news, by the way, since the media doesn’t make a deal of police injuries. They do get concerned, however, when LA police, working to keep protesters off the 101 Freeway during a pro-abortion protest Saturday, shoved to the ground actress Jodie Sweetin, who played Stephanie Tanner on “Full House.”

That, friends, is real news. Viral news as seen on KCAL-TV.

Authorities made the usual burbling noises, promising an investigation of the Sweetin shove. Her agent and publicist may have found the incident promising, too.

Focusing on things like what happened to Sweetin are why you probably didn’t know 1,500 officers were hurt in the 120 days of leftist rioting two years ago, according to classicist and political commentator Victor Davis Hanson.

And the 2020 riots were good things, health officials told us, meaning they were more important to society than the lockdowns and masks that the rest of us had to deal with.

Too bad the 2020 demonstrators didn’t have flamethrowers — authorities might have taken the riots more seriously and shut things down sooner. Instead, they let rioters achieve full symbolism of anarchy as they attacked police and court facilities.

The Friday demonstration Ortiz was involved in was otherwise peaceful, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. Well, there were some rocks, bottles and fireworks flung toward cops, The Hill reported.

But when flamethrowers are involved, who cares about rocks and bottles, right?

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