Thursday, 17 March 2022

Whoopi Goldberg Is Starting To Sound An Awful Lot Like Joe Biden...Rants About “Poop” and Republicans “from that end of the rope” While Praising Liz Cheney

 In another stunning example of brilliance, Whoopi Goldberg, the chief hag host of The View, who was recently suspended for her anti-Semitic remarks, had this to say about Rep. Liz Cheney falsely accusing Trump of inciting violence on January 6, 2021.

In an entirely incoherent rant, the angry, racist Whoopi Goldberg, whose fans used to think she was funny, reminds everyone of the many reasons why she has become so unlikeable.

“What matters to me is that someone from that end of the rope says, ‘You know, this is not okay.'”

“I can fight about our ideals back and forth—but when you poop on the country and say that a lie is the truth, and what we’re talking about isn’t important—”

I think—I say—I mean—I’d never vote for her.”



Only two weeks ago, conservative freshman Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) shouted at Joe Biden during his SOTU speech when he brought up the 13 soldiers who died in Afghanistan after Joe left them in a hostile, no-win situation.

The unprofessional queen of “The View,” Whoopi Goldberg ripped into Rep. Boebert for calling out Biden during his speech.

“You don’t have to like this president to be respectful,” an angry Whoopi said, as she admonished a sitting member of Congress for calling out Biden for sending 13 American soldiers to their certain death in Afghanistan. And then, the anti-Semitic comedian did something incredible, even for her…she told Lauren Boebert she MUST respect Joe Biden. “But you must be respectful! You gotta be!” she said with a straight face.

I’m not too old to remember when Whoopi refused to acknowledge President Trump by name as a way to disrespect him to her fans on The View.

Watch Whoopi tell Democrat political operative David Axelrod why she refuses to refer to Donald J. Trump as “President.”

So much for “You MUST respect” the president!

Whoopi’s intolerance for anyone who has an opinion that is contrary to her isn’t limited to Republican women in Congress; she also lashed out at Fox News’ top-rated host Tucker Carlson, telling her adoring audience that since Carlson questioned the intelligence of Biden’s pick to become the next Supreme Court Justice, he is a “racist,” a word that Whoopi commonly throws around like “if, “and” and “but,” thus stripping it of any real meaning.


This isn’t the first time Whoopi’s exposed herself as a hypocrite after Biden was “elected,” Whoopi told Trump supporters to “suck it up—suck it up like we sucked it up.”


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