Tuesday 22 March 2022

What Was This? GOP Frontrunners in Ohio Senate Race Call for No-Fly Zone Over Ukraine — Want to “Blunder Us into WWIII”


Fireworks erupted at Friday’s Republican Senate primary in Ohio when two of the leading candidates for the GOP nomination got in each other’s faces and refused to back down.

Ohio Senate candidates Josh Mandel and Mike Gibbons who were currently leading in the polls went mano a mano during the debate. The moderator was forced to step in and break up the pair before the altercation could worsen.

On Monday Josh Mandel went on with Steve Bannon and told the War Room audience he was “standing up for military men and women throughout the country.” Mandel also defended his shout-out to retiring GOP Ohio Senator Rob Portman calling him a mentor. This was after Portman endorsed a different candidate in the race.

On Monday night the Ohio GOP Senate candidates held another debate. It promised to be a thriller.

During the debate, GOP candidates Josh Mandel and Mike Gibbons both endorsed a European-led no-fly-zone over Ukraine.

The position is not popular with the Republican base who are not interested in a shooting war with Putin and Russia.

J.D. Vance responded to his this war cry from his fellow Republican opponents, “These two neocons want to blunder us into WWIII.”

Good for J.D. Vance!

More reaction…

Here is a recap of the debate last night.


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