Monday 21 March 2022

UNHINGED MSNBC Guest Says Biden’s SCOTUS Nominee’s Biggest Challenge During Confirmation Hearings Will Be Not Punching Republicans in the Face


Progressive activist Elie Mystal, who is the leading Justice correspondent at The Nation, appeared on MSNBC this weekend to rail against the critics of Biden’s Supreme Court nominee Kentaji Jackson ahead of her confirmation hearings that start on Monday.

Jackson, who has been condemned by Republicans over her ghastly, lenient record when sentencing pedophiles, has been put under the microscope since Biden named her as his choice.

Additionally, as the Gateway Pundit has reported, Jackson also has a history of overstepping her authority.

Knowing this, Mystal joined host Tiffany Cross on MSNBC’s “The Cross Connection,” where he argued that Jackson’s record is flawless and the only things any Republicans had against her were “racism and disgusting innuendo.”

In other words, Mystal did what all unhinged leftists do – when all else fails, shake your fist and yell racist.

According to Mystal, the hardest part of Jackson’s upcoming hearings, for her, would be refraining from leaping from her seat and wildly punching Republicans in the face as they query her over her record.

Because apparently, Jackson is a crazed lunatic who can’t handle questions – and that’s according to one of her biggest proponents – exactly the type we would want sitting on the highest court of the land.

Cross began the segment by asking Mystal about his expectations for next week’s hearings while suggesting that those dastardly Republicans would attempt to take advantage of the situation for “viral moments.”

“The biggest challenge is her not getting out of her chair and punching one of these fools in the mouth,” Mystal said, referring to the Republicans during the hearing. “Like, that’s the hardest thing, because all they have for her right now is racism and disgusting innuendo. Like, they don’t have… They don’t have anything on her record.”

Mystal continued his rant, claiming that Jackson’s critics were guilty of – you guessed it – racism, for daring to ask about her LSAT (Law School Admission Test) scores, and gave his best attempt at deflecting the fact that Jackson is effectively Biden’s affirmative action pick for the position.

Biden did, after all, say he would only consider a black woman for his choice – and look at how that turned out with Kamala.

Mystal continued:

“All they’ve got is the racism, they want to know about the LSAT scores. Some of them are going to call her an affirmative action nominee. Some of them are going to ask her why she’s not sad that good white people weren’t considered for the job. That’s literally what they have.”


Ellie Mystal has been making his rounds on the leftist talk shows of late, spewing his radical nonsense to the fawning media elitists. This is the same clown who, just last week, went on the View and called the US Constitution a piece of “trash” because it was written by white men, who he referred to as “colonists and slavers.”

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