Wednesday 16 March 2022

“The Theft of the 2020 Election is the Greatest Crime in American Political History” – President Trump Shares American’s Message


New York Post reader gets it right.  He knows that if we don’t address the election fraud in the 2020 Election, we would 

The first thing the democrats did after stealing the 2020 Elections was to draft a bill (HR1) that would codify election fraud forever.  Fortunately, this bill has not passed.  This bill would end our country as we know it.  Free and fair elections would be history. 

We warned that if the 2020 Election fraud wasn’t addressed, it would happen again.  Today President Trump shared the comments from a reader at the New York Post that stated why we must determine what happened in the 2020 Election.  How can we fix fraud if we don’t really know what all happened? 

We must work as hard as we can to uncover every stolen ballot in the 2020 Election.   Only then will we know who to arrest and what to do to prevent this from happening again.

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