Thursday 24 March 2022

Sen Ted Cruz to Biden’s SCOTUS Nominee: “I think you’re the only Supreme Court nominee in history who’s been unable to answer the question: ‘what is a woman?'” [VIDEO]

 This week marked the beginning of confirmation hearings for President Biden’s Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson. What has come as a shock to everyone is that  Jackson, despite attending law school at Harvard University, having been an appellate judge AND serving on the United States Sentencing Commission, proved incapable of answering simple questions about her judicial philosophy and her past rulings. Most surprisingly, however, was perhaps her inability to define what a woman is.

When Senator Blackburn asked Jackson to “provide a definition for the word ‘woman’,” arguably an incredibly simple question, Jackson responded, “No, I can’t.”

“You can’t?” asked Blackburn, appearing surprised.

“Not in this context,” responded Jackson with a nervous laugh. “I’m not a biologist.”

“The meaning of the word woman is so unclear and controversial that you can’t give me a definition?” Blackburn continued. “The fact that you can’t give me a straight answer about something as fundamental as ‘what a woman is’ underscores the dangers of the kind of progressive education that we are hearing about.”

“Not in this context.”

In what context, then, would Jackson be able to describe a woman? She is, after all, supposed to be a Black FEMALE nominee (the only criteria considered for her nomination), yet she can’t so much as define what a woman is.

Later, Senator Ted Cruz confronted Jackson again on this topic. “You told [Senator Blackburn] that you couldn’t define what a woman is,” said Cruz. “I think you’re the only Supreme Court nominee in history who’s been unable to answer the question ‘What is a woman?'”

Following this embarrassment, Cruz appeared on Fox News where he and Tucker Carlson discussed the events of the hearing.

“If you can’t answer a question like… ‘What’s the definition of a woman?’, do you think she has what it takes to be a Supreme Court Justice?” Carlson asked.

“Her record, unfortunately, I think is much outside the mainstream,” responded Cruz, referencing her judicial record that has been called into question. “If you look at her record as a federal judge in criminal cases – in particular cases concerning child pornography – over and over and over again she gives incredibly lenient sentences.”

Cruz then proceeded to delve into the details of some of the more serious cases in which Jackson gave a criminal a sentencing period far below the guidelines as well as what the prosecutors ask for.

“I think the American people are concerned whether they will have a Supreme Court Justice that’s gonna follow the law, or [if] we’re gonna have a Supreme Court Justice that is looking for loopholes to let violent criminals out of jail,” Cruz said. “And I gotta say, her answers and her record in this regard were really concerning.”

“We ought to demand a Justice who will defend our constitutional rights: free speech, religious liberty, the Second Amendment… There’s no indication she’d do that.”

“She’ll be the first Black woman on the Court, but she doesn’t know what the definition of a woman is,” laughed Carlson. “So, go figure it out.”

Instagram users had HILARIOUS reactions to Biden’s SCOTUS nominee’s ridiculous response:

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