Saturday 26 March 2022

Reflections from an Earnest Patriot

 In a snarky exchange between Joe Biden and the media, Joe Biden’s claimed that he never expected sanctions to “deter” Putin. RNC Research used video clips from members of Joe’s regime, including his (highly-qualified) VP Kamala Harris, to FACT CHECK Joe, who snapped at the media for suggesting they were incorrect.

“That has not been the messaging from the White House and President Biden’s cabinet,” Joe angrily told the reporters.


On Feb. 22, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was also asked if the Biden regime is confident that sanctions will be enough to deter Putin? Psaki responded, “Part of what sanctions are is a—they’re intended to be a deterrent—that makes it more difficult to continue those behaviors and actions.”

It isn’t only that Joe’s lying, but his condescending admonition of the media for asking about him and his regime’s failures is really quite remarkable.

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