Wednesday 9 March 2022

New Poll: Democrats Are Most Likely to Flee If U.S. Was Invaded


A new Poll is showing clear differences in the manner Americans would react to an attack on our soil, based upon the party to which they belong.

Specifically, a  Quinnipiac Poll asked Americans what they would do if they were in the same position as the Ukrainians are now: stay and fight, or leave the country? 68% of Republicans would stay and fight, while 28% would leave.  57% of Independents would stay, while 36% would leave, and, finally, only 52% of Democrats would stay and fight, with 40% indicating they would leave the country.

My own initial gut reaction to this news seemed strange, even to me.  I hate to admit that I felt almost relieved.  “Whew!  That makes for fewer people the REAL Patriots will need to protect with their guns.”   Instinctively,  I must realize all of the anti-2nd amendment indoctrination is a danger to the ability, and therefore the desire, of people to defend themselves.

The other questions that immediately stood out to me were “where will they go” and “how will they get there”? If another country decides to invade us, does anyone really believe transportation will simply be allowed to continue as normal?

Or, perhaps those who want to flee think they can just walk on over into another country?  [To be honest, I can almost see how they think that may actually work, given the thousands of people a day currently being allowed to walk into the U.S.]

Canada doesn’t appear to be a great option.  At this point in the game, how could anyone rationally believe that Dictator Justin “Castro” Trudeau (member of the World Economic Forum Globalist cabal, see here for summary) would welcome them as “free” citizens? 

And, surely, they can’t believe they’ll just reverse the current flow and cross into Mexico to live happily ever after? (Especially given the cartels, traffickers & mercenaries who will likely be at the border, ready & waiting, to join in the invasion?)

There was one other thought that quickly came to mind as I read about the Democrats response to this Poll.  I felt I had seen this somewhere before.  Then I remembered the headlines:  School Board Flees Angry Parents and Tx Democrats Slither Out of Town to Avoid Voting… as leaders do, so will their flock. 

Notwithstanding my initial gut reaction and questions, I choose to look at this poll in a hopeful and optimistic manner.  First, as Quinnipiac Polling Analyst Tim Malloy noted, a majority (55 percent) of all those polled said they would stay and fight.  He noted : “When confronted with a terrible hypothetical that would put them in the shoes of the Ukrainians, Americans say they would stand and fight rather than seek safety in another country”.   And, I think, once the minority fully realizes the poor alternatives they would face, that number is bound to grow.  We are, after all,  a strong nation, created under God, and, I believe, in the end, indivisible.

In the meantime, pray for the best, but be prepared for whatever may come.  (Speaking of which, and speaking as a woman, I highly recommend a review of our article, “Ladies, Arm Yourselves“.

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