Friday 25 March 2022

NBC’s Pete Williams Defends SCOTUS Nominee’s Ridiculously Lenient Sentencing for Child Predators [VIDEO]


Pete Williams: Defendant was “Curious” about “that kind of Sexual Activity”

This is not sensationalism. Pete Williams, of NBC, believes that the “context” of the defendant being 18 and “curious” mitigates the fact that they had possessed and shared images of 8-year-old children in sexual acts. Disgusting.

NBC’s Pete Williams

The sentencing guidelines would have called for an 8 year sentence, the prosecutors called for a sentencing of 2 years, Judge Jackson sentenced them to 3 months. Jackson “doesn’t recall” and that’s “understandable,” Williams Claims. Letting a pedophile walk the streets and forgetting about it is understandable, Pete?

He then goes on to explain how the defendant was just “curious” about that type of “sexual activity.” Pete says “he wasn’t interested in younger people.” And yet, he had hundreds of sexual images of minors in his possession.

That Biden’s SCOTUS nominee has a history of lenient sentencing for child pornographers is inarguable. The left-wing media knows this. Therefore, they have transitioned away from their usual denial of facts and into stating that “it’s okay to be lenient with child predators.” Or at least, that’s what NBC’s Pete Williams is saying.

The level to which these people stoop in order to play defense for each other will never cease to amaze.

Remember when completely bogus allegations against Justice Kavanaugh captivated hearings for months? Yet now, when an unsuitable candidate for Supreme Court has an open record of leniency against some of the worst types of criminals in the United States, it’s best to try and justify it. After all, she fits the only criteria Biden has. 

You can watch the clip in the Tweet below.

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