Wednesday 9 March 2022

Joy Reid says the world cares more about Ukraine because of, you guessed it, racism

 MSNBC's Joy Reid argued on “The ReidOut” Monday that the only reason "the world" cares about the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine is because it's happening to a "white and largely Christian" nation.

"As the world watches the devastation unfold in Ukraine, nearly 4,000 miles away, another crisis is deepening that we don’t hear much about in the U.S., and that is the war in Yemen," Reid began the segment.

"The coverage of Ukraine has revealed a pretty radical disparity in how human Ukrainians look and feel to western media compared to their browner and blacker counterparts, with some reporters using very telling comparisons in their analyses of the war," she continued.

Reid then played a short video montage of 3 reporters, 2 from European networks, describing Ukraine as a “European” nation and the Ukrainian people as "European."

"Let’s face it. The world is paying attention because this is happening in Europe. If this was happening anywhere else, would we be seeing the same outpour of support and compassion? We don’t need to ask ourselves if our response would be the same if Russia unleashed their horror on a country that wasn’t white and largely Christian.”


Over on Twitter, folks had a few suggestions for the MSNBC host:

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