Thursday 17 March 2022

IS SHE DRUNK? Nancy Pelosi Gives Bizarre, Incoherent Update on Putin Invasion...”I’d like to take out those tanks” [VIDEO]


On Tuesday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was asked about Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Here’s what she had to say:

But they know that we can’t go there—-uh—they, they—Putin—is trying to bait the trap so that we, uh, we go in—and that’s the beginning— could be the beginning of—uh—World War III.

Uh, Putin—totally irresponsible—using weapons that are not allowed under the Geneva connect—uh, convention.

Putin, who uh, threatens the use of chemical weapons, nuclear and the rest.

So they know that we can’t—but it’s about the ask. 

Now, he was uh—more this morning—if we can’t have a no-fly zone—let us have our own. And we need the airplanes to come in.

No, no—this morning—he was less on the ask for the um—the policy—more on the let us do it, help us get the planes. 

But also, there’s a school of thought that thinks the anti-aircraft missiles and the rest are a very important way.

Myself, when I see that, that, those tanks, those 40 miles of tanks—I’d like to take out those tanks. I think that uh, uh, them having more planes might be useful, but that—I’m not a military strateg… [slurred speech]..uh strategist.

We hope that we might be able to get to a place—I hope—you asked me how I—I hope that we can get to a place where the MIGs, which are the kinds of planes they’ve been [slurred speech] trained on, can go to Ukraine, the F-16’s especially if you have an excess of them, can backfill if we go to Poland.


The responses to Nancy’s incoherent press conference are pure gold!

I voted Democrat in every election from 1990-2016. I have still never voted for a Republican. Ever. What should scare Democrats is that I will vote for Ron DeSantis or Nikki Haley, or any Republican like them in 2024. And there are lots of people like me right now.

Several responses referenced her drunken-like behavior. Others said they were sorry they watched the video.

There were multiple comments about her age and the need for term limits in Congress. “Nathan” suggested someone call a drug abuse hotline, and Danny Cook pointed out what leaders of other nations must be thinking when they see the third most powerful leader in America acting like this.

This meme says it all…

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