Wednesday 23 March 2022

Former Drudge Report Editor Launches ‘Off The Press’ News Aggregation Site: ‘Readers Were Clearly Starving For A Common-Sense Conservative Alternative’

In a world where nearly every media outlet is sponsored by the corrupt pharmaceutical industry and acts as an arm of the Democrat party, news sources that the public can trust are far and few between.

The Drudge Report was once a trusted source for conservatives. Those days are long gone. The Drudge Report has become another echo chamber for the left.

Mediagazer: The Drudge Report, once a supporter of Trump's rise to the presidency, featured a Photoshopped image of the president in an orange prison jumpsuit on Tuesday (Leia Idliby/Mediaite)

Joseph Curl, a former editor of the Drudge Report who ran the publication when it still garnered millions of views a month, and Washington Examiner reporter Paul Bedard have launched a new news aggregation site. 

With Drudge Report kowtowing to the legacy media, Off the Press fills a void on the web, delivering up-to-the-minute information and commentary without propagandized distortions, the site’s creators contend.

“Now more than ever, keeping up with the most important stories is a battle,” explains Curl. “With social media deluging everyone with endless posts on their news feeds, the internet needs an editor to cull the very best stories and present them on a single site. That will be the sole mission of Off The Press.” 

Off The Press includes coverage from all political angles “But, unlike the Drudge Report,” notes Curl, “you won’t see any stories about exorcisms!”

The publication also integrates interactivity, including a tip box allowing readers to contribute ideas for stories they think deserve coverage.

In addition to reading those tips daily, Off The Press’s three editors post across every social media platform to cover the world 24/7 so that their readers will be able to simply “check-in multiple times a day to stay informed,” Curl adds.

Since launching in July, Off The Press has racked up millions of page views, and “This is only the beginning,” Curl said. “Readers were clearly starving for a common-sense conservative alternative to Drudge and we’re proud to have delivered. Our analytics show that when readers discover Off The Press, they keep coming back. We’re going to continue to grow a loyal base of readers.”

Check out Off the Press here:

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