Friday 4 March 2022

BREAKING: Chicago Lesbian Mayor Sued By Former Park DA...Lawsuit Claims She Berated Staff Over Christopher Columbus Statue: My d*ck is bigger than yours and the Italians...I have the biggest d*ck in Chicago!”

 Chicago Tribune reporter Gregory Pratt dropped a bombshell story about a case by former Park DA George Smyrniotis against Chicago’s lesbian Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

In the lawsuit, Smyrniotis claims that Mayor Lightfoot made obscene remarks towards city lawyers during a February 23 meeting where they discussed the permanent removal of a Christopher Columbus statue in the city.

Lightfoot allegedly caught wind that lawyers were working on a plan with Chicago Italian Americans to allow the group to display the statue at the Columbus Day parade and then have it removed from the city after that. 

According to the lawsuit, which was analyzed by the Chicago Tribune, Smyrniotis claims Lightfoot “proceeded to berate and defame” lawyers during a February 23 city council meeting and asked them, “Where did you go to law school? Did you even go to law school? Do you even have a law license?”

The comments allegedly made by the openly lesbian mayor of Chicago in the lawsuit filed yesterday in the Circuit Court of Cook County, IL, are stunning. On multiple occasions, Lightfoot refers to lawyers as “dicks,” and she appears to have a twisted obsession with the “size” of their “dicks,” as compared to hers. 

What is it with Democrat lesbians in leadership roles and their apparent deep-seated hatred for men?

When Michigan’s lawless and vile Attorney General Dana Nessel ran for office in 2018, she ran an ad on television suggesting Michigan residents should cast their vote for her because she doesn’t have a penis, and politicians with penises shouldn’t be trusted.

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