Friday, 18 March 2022

BREAKING: 13 Year Old Boy Driving Truck That Killed Himself And 8 Others Previously Burned Parents House Down




Today, a fatal car wreck happened in Missouri on I-57.  Authorities are calling the accident a ‘major-crash fatality scene’ that involved more than 50 cars.  Six students on the University of the Southwest’s golf team were killed in the wreck, as well as the students golf coach.

Just hours ago, it was revealed that the person behind the wheel that started the pile up was a 13-year-old boy driving a truck.  The boy and his father, Heinrich Siemens also died in the accident.  Authorities have not yet identified the 13 year-old driver. 

Now, the Dail Mail has revealed that the boy previously burned down his family’s home after leaving eggs unattended on the stove last December.

The Daily Mail Reported– 





“A 13 year-old boy blamed for a crash that killed himself, his dad, six students and their golf coach set his house ablaze shortly before Christmas, a family friend has claimed.

The unidentified youngster, killed alongside eight other people in Andrews, Texas, on Tuesday, burned down his family’s home after leaving eggs unattended on a stove, family friend Aganetha Siemens said.

She is not related to the boy or his dad, Heinrich Siemens, 38. Heinrich was a father of five, with his family part of the Mennonite church.

The youngster was driving the family’s Dodge truck when it crossed the median onto the wrong side of the road, slamming into a bus carrying eight University of the South West golf students, with six of those golfers and their coach all killed.

Two male students were pulled from the wreckage of Tuesday’s crash alive and airlifted to hospital.

The NTSB revealed the age of the driver on Thursday, but have yet to identify him.

They have not offered further information on why he was driving, how he was related to Siemens.

The legal driving age in Texas, where the fatal accident took place, is 16 years old.”

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