Sunday 20 March 2022

Biden Administration and Biden’s DOJ Blatantly Ignore Real and Perceived Conflicts of Interest in the Administration – Where’s the Outrage?


The Biden Administration and the Biden Justice Department continue to ignore actual and perceived conflicts of interest with the Biden family.  There are no efforts to address any of this.  This coverup is a crime by the DOJ. 

In most all professions there are rules governing conflicts of interest.  If an auditor, for example, is hired for an engagement, he or she cannot have any real or perceived conflicts of interest.  If there are any, the auditor must recuse himself or herself from the engagement.

In layman’s terms, a real conflict of interest is defined as a conflict that is present.  If for example, an auditor’s wife was the accountant overseeing his hired for engagement, then that would be an actual conflict of interest and the auditor must recuse himself from the engagement.

Percieved conflicts of interest are those where the may not be a conflict but there is a perceived conflict.  These would be matters where it could be perceived that the auditor has a conflict.  For example, if an auditor’s engagement involves a good friend or some other connection, that could be perceived as a conflict, then the auditor should recuse.

In legal matters, conflicts of interest should be addressed more conservatively.  But under the Biden gang, these conflicts are ignored. 

We reported on how White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Friday responded to the New York Post’s Steven Nelson when he asked Psaki a series of questions about ‘presidential conflicts of interest’ related to Hunter Biden’s payments from Russian oligarchs and Chinese communists.

We reported previously how the current DOJ no longer considers conflicts of interest when it comes to political cases.  The Mueller gang was full of conflicts of interest and nothing was done with it.  A bunch of Trump haters were involved in the persecution of President Trump virtually his entire term in office and this was allowed.

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