Tuesday 29 March 2022

As Dems Continue To Tank In Mid-Term Election Polls, Biden Will Ask For $32 Billion To Fund Police After Dems Fought To Defund Police For 4 years While Trump Was In Office




The United States has seen a nearly unprecedented crime wave under the Biden regime.  In big cities across the country, violent crime records were shattered as people face economic devastation from the President’s disastrous economic policies and Democrat ran cities elect ‘soft on crime’ prosecutors.

After George Floyd was killed in June of 2020, Democrats from within the parties Progressive wing proposed ‘defunding the police’ as a solution to police brutality.  In Minneapolis, where George Floyd was killed, a measure to defund the police narrowly failed last year.

Now, as Biden’s approval ratings continue to plummet and experts predict a ‘red wave’ in the 2022 midterms, Biden and the Democrats have reversed course and are proposing an increase in police funding.   Biden’s budget proposal will include $32 Billion in new police spending to combat the rise in crime that’s happened under his administration.

FOX New Reports– 



“President Biden on Monday will announce a new budget proposal that includes upwards of $32 billion in new law enforcement spending, Fox News has confirmed.

The proposal features a significant boost in dollars that includes $20.6 billion for Justice Department discretionary spending on federal law enforcement, compared to $18.6 billion in this year’s budget, according to Axios.

Money would also be allocated for community policing through the COPS Hiring Program, a grant program that provides funding for state, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies to hire officers. In Fiscal Year 2021, the program had roughly $140 million in funding, and this would more than double under Biden’s proposed 2022 budget.”


‘We should all agree – the answer is not to defund the police, it’s to fund the police,’ Biden said during his State of the Union remarks at the start of March. ‘Fund them. Fund them. Fund them with resources and training.’   Biden’s stance is likely to cause tension within the moderate and progressive wings of his party.

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