Sunday 6 March 2022

19 children injured after a driver crashes her car through the wall of a Christian daycare center in California

 19 children and one employee were injured when a driver crashed her car through the wall of a Christian daycare center in Northern California on Thursday.

Police say the blue SUV crashed into the Great Adventures Christian Preschool and Daycare at about 2:30 p.m. in the small town of Anderson, which is located about 150 north of Sacramento in Shasta County.

The Anderson Police Department said when they responded the Suzuki SUV was fully inside of the building.

14 of the children were taken to hospitals, but most of them were taken as a precautionary measure, according to police. Two children were reportedly trapped underneath the car.

Police said they did not expect any fatalities from the incident. Two children were taken to the pediatric intensive care unit at the UC Davis Medical Center.

A photograph of the crash from a Facebook post of the Anderson Police Department showed the car inside the daycare center.

Image Source: Anderson Police Facebook post

Police said they spoke to the female driver of the vehicle and determined that neither drugs or alcohol were a cause of the crash. She is a resident of Anderson.

“The driver was cooperative and released after providing a statement,” police said.

Tania Halsey said her daughter was one of the children inside the daycare.

“She has some cuts and bruises all over. She is very sore but is alive," said Halsey.

Police asked on Facebook for any help from the public in their investigation of the incident.

"Please pray for all the children and the brave employees who work at the preschool. Hug your babies. Hug your family," Halsey added. “In an instant, life can change."

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