Thursday 10 February 2022

WOW! Canadian Nurse Fired For Organizing Anti-Lockdown Rally Confronts CBC News Crew Over Destroying Her Life:”You doxed me...I’ve been fired because of it!” [VIDEO]

 Kristen Nagle, a Canadian nurse who was fired from her job for protesting against mandatory COVID jabs, confronted a CBC television crew on the streets of Ottawa on her way to visit the Truckers for Freedom Convoy. Nagel blasted the stunned news crew for spreading lies and misinformation on the safety of truckers’ children and asked them if they even understood the damage they were causing with their lies?

“You have destroyed my life CBC. You write a lot of hit pieces on me. My family has been doxed. I have a lot of death threats. I have a 6-yr-old son and a 3-yr-old son, and you’ve literally destroyed my life because I ask a lot of questions. And do you actually believe the work you do, or do you just do it for a good paycheck?

“I’m Kris Nagle. I’m a nurse, and because of the hit pieces, you guys have totally ruined my career. And I’ve been fired because of it. People have doxed my address. People have given me death threats because of the lies you’ve told.”

She got very emotional when she called them out for lying about the danger kids attending the Truckers for Freedom protest.


Nagle was referring to a Jan 19, 2021 report by CBC that appeared to celebrate her firing for using her free speech right to protest lockdowns in Canada.

London nurse who organized anti-lockdown rally fired ‘with cause.’

Kristen Nagle (left) and Myriam Cottard speak at an anti-lock down rally in Victoria Park that they organized in November. (Sofia Rodriguez/CBC News)

A London, Ont. nurse who has been speaking out against face masks, lockdown measures, and other COVID-19 directions has been fired, according to London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC).

LHSC confirmed to CBC News in a statement that Kristen Nagle, who worked in neonatal intensive care, had been “terminated with cause.”

“After initially learning of actions involving an NICU nurse at London Health Sciences Centre that were not aligned with LHSC’s values back in November, immediate action was taken to place her on an unpaid leave pending the results of an internal investigation,” the statement said.

Nagle and two other women were charged with organizing an anti-lockdown rally at Victoria Park on Nov. 22, 2020.

And then again, on January 10, 2022, CBC wrote about Nagle and a $1 million libel suit filed by her and two other nurses against the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) and a media outlet in British Columbia.

Nagle and Choujounian were also investigated by the Ontario nursing regulator for making a trip to Washington with a group of peers during last January’s non-essential travel ban, for allegedly promoting theories that the pandemic is a hoax and hospitals had a role to play in misrepresenting it.

Ontario registered nurses Kristal Pitter, Kristen Nagle, and Sara Choujounian, left to right, have been investigated by the nursing regulator for social media posts during the COVID-19 pandemic. A libel suit has been filed against their professional association and a B.C. media company. (CBC News)

According to the CFN’s Facebook page, all three nurses are part of Canadian Frontline Nurses (CFN), an offshoot of Global Frontline Nurses that was created to “empower health-care workers who disagree with lockdowns,” according to the CFN’s Facebook page.

Nagle also accused CBC of pushing a false narrative about truckers putting their children and children attending the protest at risk in a Feb. 8  article:

Police provided an update Tuesday afternoon where Deputy Chief Steve Bell said officers have issued more tickets, made more arrests, and launched dozens more criminal investigations during what they call an “occupation” of the downtown core, now in its 12th day.

“It’s something that greatly concerns us,” Bell said, as first responders are worried about the constant exposure to carbon monoxide, fumes, noise levels, and the sanitation of the children.

“We’ll rely on the Children’s Aid Society to help provide and give us guidance around that. We just think it’s an important factor that complicates and makes this an even more challenging operation.”

Here’s a video from Nagle’s Instagram account showing some of the kids at the Truckers for Freedom protest in Ottawa who are apparently in grave danger:

When she was finished ripping into the CBC news crew, Nagle visited with the protesting truck drivers to show her support for them. She even jumped into the cab of one of the trucks and proceeded to blow the horn several times:

Nurses attending the Truckers for Freedom Convoy rally gave the brave nurse a warm welcome:

Here’s the clip of Kristen confronting the CBC News crew in its entirety that was posted on her Instagram account on the evening of Feb. 8.

Congratulations to Kristen Nagle for being one of the bravest women in Canada…

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