Friday 25 February 2022

WOW! Biden Loses Train of Thought In Middle of Explaining Consequences of Not Imposing “significant” Sanctions On Putin: “Look—you know—every—uh—well—anyway” [VIDEO]

 Is it any wonder Americans have lost confidence in Joe’s ability to lead our nation out of a paper bag?

This afternoon, during his press conference, Joe Biden had a few lucid moments, but as his meds began to wear off, he appeared to become increasingly confused. The video below is a good example of what it looks like when Joe forgets he’s the “president” of the most powerful nation on earth.

Joe appeared to be explaining the consequences the world would face if the United States doesn’t act immediately with significant sanctions to the media when he became confused, “If we don’t move against him now with these significant sanctions, he will be emboldened,” he said. Then, suddenly, Biden appeared to forget what the hell he just said. “Look—you know—every uh—well—anyway,” he appeared to be perplexed. Mr. Biden then closed his book of notes and prepared to do his now-famous walk shuffle away from a room filled with shouting reporters.


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