Thursday 10 February 2022

Whitlock: Showtime’s racist documentary, Joe Biden’s crack-pipe giveaway, and Visa’s Olympics commercial point to China’s harmful influence on American culture

 Showtime’s three-part documentary series “Everything’s Gonna Be All White” should be renamed “The Rebirth of a Nation,” presented by the Chinese Communist Party.

Based on its two-minute trailer, “All White” aspires to be an all-black adaptation of the infamous 1915 racist propaganda film “The Birth of a Nation.” Ibram X. Kendi and his racial acolytes sit in front of cameras and spew anti-white racism.

An older black woman declares: “One of the definitions of American whiteness is ignorance.” The teaser closes with a different declaration from a different black woman: “This is a wild place, y’all. It’s a wild place. I know Harriet (Tubman) and Frederick (Douglass) be up there, just like, ‘What is they goin’ do?’”

It’s unlikely that “All White,” which debuts Friday, will reach the kind of massive audience that flocked to see “Birth of a Nation,” an anti-black silent movie. There was far less competition for eyeballs 100 years ago. But “All White” is part of a collective of movies, documentaries, and TV shows with the same central theme: White people are evil.

When it comes to anti-white racism, Hollywood has been paid to remove all subtlety. From “The Hate You Give” to “Get Out” to “Dear White People” to the endless supply of racial documentaries on Netflix, Hollywood producers are taking checks to hammer the theme that white Americans are the root of all evil.

Hollywood should be renamed Chinatown, a Western outpost for the Chinese Communist Party. Foreign money, particularly from China, continues to pervert Hollywood.

This is not good. Racism, regardless of the target, is unhealthy and counterproductive. It drives domestic division and animus. For making this obvious point, some people will label me a honky-lover, a sellout, a race traitor. My true crime is sticking to the values I was taught as a Christian.

My faith compels me to oppose racism. That has been my passion since childhood. In eighth grade, when my junior high began busing in black kids to further integrate the school, I was chosen as a leader to bring the white and black kids together. I played the same role at my high school, as the captain of our nationally ranked football team.

I saw myself as an extension of Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream of men and women judged by the content of their character and not their skin color. Much of my work as a journalist from 1992 to 2010 focused on analyzing America’s racial divide through the lens of sports. In 2008, I won the Scripps Howard National Journalism Award for commentary for my ability to “integrate sports commentary with social commentary and to challenge widely held assumptions along the racial divide.”

Many of my critics claim that my point of view has changed drastically over the past 14 years. They claim I’ve become a conservative political partisan and only criticize the Left. I have not changed. I’m not a political partisan. My morals and values have not changed. Journalism and American culture have changed drastically over the past 14 years. Anti-white bigotry has become popular in American culture.

I constantly criticize the Left because the Left has rejected Christianity and embraced racism. I was born in 1967, a year before the assassination of Dr. King. I see myself as a descendant of Dr. King’s dream. Dr. King was a Christian who fought racism. I do not know Dr. King’s political affiliation.

I believe Dr. King would be appalled by the racism that is being sanctioned by the Left. From critical race theory in schools to the New York Times 1619 Project to “Everything’s Gonna Be All White,” the Left and its global corporate partners are aggressively pushing racism. It’s not just anti-white racism. It’s anti-black racism, too.

Visa released a Winter Olympics commercial that analogized being black to having cancer or being an amputee.

My critics claim I ignore the racism of conservatives. They say that voter ID laws are racist and the new Jim Crow. I find that claim a ridiculous distortion of history. It’s not remotely unfair or racist to require voters to show a government-approved ID.

Well, what about January 6, white Trump supporters, and the insurrection?

White Trump supporters are primarily angry at white leftists for demonizing them as the worst people on the planet and ignoring their legitimate concerns. The theory that Trump voters are motivated by anti-black racism is a hypothesis white liberals popularized to blind black people to the bigotry of the Left.

I’m sure there is some portion of Trump’s base that is motivated by bigotry. But those aren’t the people financing Visa commercials analogizing blackness to cancer and being crippled. Those aren’t the people arguing that black people cannot achieve in this country without the charity of white people. Those aren’t the people setting aside $30 million for crack pipes to pass out to black people.

President Joe Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services concocted the crack pipe giveaway as part of a racial equity initiative.

Black Crack Matters!

The Left is rolling back the racial progress Dr. King’s generation won. Leftists have turned American society into a mash-up of the iconic racial sketch comedy shows “In Living Color” and “The Chappelle Show.”

Yesterday, rapper Jim Jones posted a video complaining that a Gucci store in California failed to provide him sparkling water and champagne while he shopped in its VIP section. He accused the store of racism and ridiculed the black employee who tried to assist him.

At the behest of homogeneous and racist China, and for the rewards delivered by the global corporations seeking China’s favor, the Left has turned America’s diversity into our Achilles heel. They’re rebirthing our nation by taking us back to a racist future.

“Everything’s Gonna Be All White” is just more Chinese propaganda packaged as racial justice. Racism is the tool China is using to screw America.

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