Monday 7 February 2022

WATCH: Elderly Woman Rips Face Mask Off Shoplifter...Yanks Back on Cart Filled With Stolen Goods As Thief Runs Away

 In what can only be described as an incredible scene, an elderly woman with more courage than all the beta males in America and Canada put together, confronts an alleged shoplifter, as he attempts to leave through the front doors of a Walmart in Canada.

The video begins with a man dragging a grocery cart filled with items through the open doors at a Walmart in Northwest Britsh Columbia, Canada.

“You gonna pay for that? a man behind him asks.

The alleged thief responds, “What?”

“Are you gonna pay for that?” he asks again.

“Yeah,” the masked man replies

“When?” the man behind him asks, as the alleged shoplifter wheels his cart past an elderly woman in a red vest.

Suddenly, the elderly woman jumps into action. She reaches over and says, “Excuse me,” to the man wearing a ski mask and grabs ahold of his mask as she pulls him dangerously close. The fearless woman maintains a stronghold on the would-be thief and rips the ski mask off the man with the cart filled with stolen goods. “Take that f*cking mask off asshole!” she says, adding, “you g**damn thief!”

The man with the cart full of stolen goods tries to drag his cart out the door, but the elderly woman and the man with the camera are pulling back on the cart, as the woman shouts, “Get out!”

The man grabs his backpack off the top of the cart and runs outside.

“You just jacked up the price for everyone else, you asshole!” she shouts, as he runs away empty-handed into the parking lot.


The comments under the video on Twitter were hilarious! Here a just a few:

Local police have confirmed the authenticity of the video that was originally posted on Facebook and are looking for the man who shot the video.

Global News reports – Campbell River RCMP Const. Maury Tyre said there is a high level of frustration in the community due to a string of blatant crimes, and people are worried that ongoing theft issues will affect prices.

In December, a man was arrested for allegedly stabbing a security guard at Walmart after trying to leave with a shopping cart full of unpaid items.

That incident highlights why people should not attempt to intervene with shoplifters, Tyre said, though the bravery shown by the people in the video is commendable.

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