Monday 21 February 2022

OUTRAGEOUS: Corrupt New York Judge Overseeing Case Says Trump Should be Prosecuted Because “He’s Just a Bad Guy”


The judge in the frivolous and corrupt lawsuits against President Trump in New York claims that President Trump and his family should be attacked through the courts because “He is a bad guy”.  

We reported on this judge’s ruling a couple of days ago.

But the Daily Mail has more.  The judge in the case is a horribly biased and very corrupt judge, as is evident from his remarks in the case.

A judge delivered a withering put down to Donald Trump‘s lawyer’s claim that the former president was being unfairly targeted by New York Attorney General Tish James on Thursday, saying she had every right to go after him if ‘he’s just a bad guy.’

At the end of the hearing, New York Supreme Court Judge Arthur Engoron ordered Trump and two of his adult children to testify as part of a probe into the family’s business dealings.

But his language, delivered during a testy back and forth, will be seized on by Trump supporters as evidence that the investigation is a ‘witch hunt.’

Trump’s attorney Alina Habba argued that the former president was the victim of discrimination.

James has ‘such disdain for this person because he was president, because he is Donald Trump and he could probably win again in ’24,’ she said, according to Newsweek.

‘He has First Amendment rights. He’s allowed to be a Republican.’

Engoron responded: ‘There’s no viewpoint discrimination. I’m just saying there is none.’

Habba then contended that Trump was part of a ‘protected class.’

‘The traditional protected classes are race, religion, etcetera,’ Engoron responded.

‘Donald Trump doesn’t fit that kind of mold or model. He’s not being discriminated against based on race, is he? Or religion, is he?

‘He’s not a protected class.

‘If Ms. James has a thing against him, OK, that’s not in my understanding unlawful discrimination.

‘He’s just a bad guy she should go after as the chief law enforcement officer of the state.’ 

‘She’ is New York’s corrupt Attorney General Letitia James.  She has a vendetta against President Trump and his family.  Americans can easily see that this is not a person who should hold a law license in any state.

In the US individuals are innocent before proven guilty.  Not “bad guys” who should be “gone after”.  These people in New York are disgusting who are running the justice system and the courts there. 

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