Monday 28 February 2022

Nineteen European Nations and Canada Close Their Airspace to Russian Flights...Will Biden Follow Suit From Delaware?

 Nineteen European nations (so far) have closed their airspace to Russian airlines.

Nine more European nations moved to close their airspace to Russian planes on Sunday, adding to a growing list that leaves Russian airlines facing an almost complete airspace blockade to the country’s west.

France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, and the Netherlands joined the UK, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Finland in closing their skies to Russian aircraft.

In an early-morning tweet, France’s Transportation Minister expressed their support for shutting down “its airspace to all Russian aircraft from this evening on.” He also gave a nod to Europe’s “total unity” against the aggressive invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

As leaders of European nations and Canada make the tough decisions to increase sanctions on Putin over his invasion of Ukraine, our lead-from-behind “president” Joe Biden is in Delaware, ostensibly waiting to follow their lead.

CNN Pentagon Correspondent Oren Lieberman called the decision by Canada to shut down its airspace to Russia a “huge deal,” adding that it “also puts a measure of pressure on the US to do the same.”

Every day Americans are wondering why Joe hasn’t joined the other nations to shut down our airspace to Russia?

Perhaps it’s because Delaware Joe prefers to lead from behind.

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