Tuesday 22 February 2022

Mom recognizes armed robbery suspect as her son, immediately forces him to surrender to police

 One Chicago-area mother earned herself an early nomination for "Mother of the Year."

An armed robbery suspect was nabbed by police because his own mother recognized him in photographs released by law enforcement and forced her son to turn himself into authorities.

What are the details?

Zion Brown, an 18-year-old sophomore at Loyola University Chicago, was charged with armed robbery after police say he robbed a train conductor on his way to class.

Authorities allege that Brown robbed a conductor of Chicago's commuter train system last Tuesday afternoon, pointing a handgun at the conductor's stomach and stealing $100. Surveillance footage shows Brown with a gun in his hands when leaving the train platform, while the just-robbed conductor still has his hands in the air.

After the robbery, Brown allegedly went to class.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Unfortunately for Brown, he quickly learned that every mother has a unique relationship with and knowledge of her children.

On the same day of the alleged robbery, Brown's mother saw surveillance images of the robbery suspect that had been shared by police and circulated by the media. She recognized the suspect as her son, and she immediately drove him to a police station in Calumet City and forced him to surrender to police, CWB Chicago reported.

In court, Brown admitted to the robbery and claimed he committed the crime because he was hungry and needed money to eat. Brown said the gun he used in the crime was actually a BB gun, which he tossed into a nearby dumpster after the robbery.

At a bond hearing, Brown's defense attorney apparently tried to curry sympathy from Cook County Judge Maryam Ahmad, asking her to remember her days as a college student who may have found herself short on cash when hungry.

According to WBBM-TV, the judge was left "flabbergasted" by the excuse and thus granted the state's request for no bail. Ahmad reportedly said that if she had been hungry as a poor college student, then she would not have robbed someone to get money.

Brown has no prior criminal record, which makes Ahmad's decision to deny bail unusual.

Zion Brown, Charged With Robbery Of Metra Electric Conductorwww.youtube.com

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