Thursday 10 February 2022

Glenn Beck: New DHS terrorism alert is 'BONE-CHILLING'

 The Department of Homeland Security has released a new terrorism advisory bulletin, and "it's bone-chilling," Glenn Beck said on the radio program Wednesday.

The DHS has been warning for over a year now that "false narratives" could fuel "some" people to possibly commit violence. But now, it's warning that "mis, dis, and mal-information" online is the real threat. So, which online voices will Biden's DHS decide are spreading "misinformation": Joe Rogan? Ben Shapiro? Glenn?

"I would agree [with the DHS] if we were talking about, oh, I don't know, Antifa. If we were talking about people who were burning the streets down. But we're not really talking about those people. In fact, we're not really talking about the people who might be encouraged to go for violence. No. What we're really talking about, are the actors that are using 'mis, dis, and mal-information online' that 'seek to exacerbate societal friction to sow discord and undermine public trust in government institutions'," Glenn said of the advisory bulletin.

"Joe Rogan, I hope you're listening. Ben Shapiro, I hope you read that. I know TheBlaze did, and I would like to know, are we one of those websites? It goes on to say that they are working with public/private partnerships that can analyze the online content, and social media [content] to be able to identify these actors that are spreading false narratives. Well, I know that our mainstream media, and also the social media giants have already made TheBlaze a target of misinformation ... all of which we have won when we go to fight it. We win, every single time, but that hasn't stopped them from claiming that we are purveyors of mis or disinformation," he continued.

"Just a warning shot, I'm telling you now, burn important information to disk ... because they are like a drowning man. And they are pushing anyone underwater," Glenn went on to add. "The reason why I say, they are drowning ... look at the ratings, online, if you will. You look to the ratings of this program — on line, on radio, on Pluto, on Roku, all of the different ways that we are distributed now — and the footprint is enormous. Enormous. Joe Rogan's footprint, just on Spotify is 11 million. When you look at Tucker Carlson — remember how much they hate Tucker Carlson — he has 3 million a night. Anderson Cooper has 500,000. Okay? It's over for the mainstream media. And they know it."


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