Thursday 24 February 2022

Democrats Are Using The Ukraine War To Revive Russiagate... Here’s What Biden Said About Communist Dictator Xi Jinping



Democrats have embarrassed some of the US’ most extreme war hawks by using rhetoric against Republicans that makes them look dovish by comparison.  After attempting to malign President Trump as a Russian agent based on phony intelligence that we now know was in large part funded by the Clinton acmpaign, they went on to attack Trump supporters and anyone skeptical of confrontation with Russia as agents of foreign influence as well.  Yesterday afternoon, CNN’s Chief National Affairs Analyst accused the GOP of being a domestic ‘enemy’ for criticizing Biden’s weakness on Russia.

“Official arm of House GOP as the US works to keep alliances strong and US influence at its peak Who is the enemy, exactly?” Hunt posted in response to the picture of Biden refusing to face the press after announcing sanctions against Russia.

Its clear that Democrats plan to use Putin’s invasion of Ukraine as a pretext to revive the phony Russiagate scandal, accusing Republicans of disloyalty for questioning Biden’s disastrous foreign policy.  However, its worth looking at what their own President has said about Communist dictator Xi Jinping.

Today, a Twitter user released a video compilation of Biden showering the leader with praise, saying the US should have a closer relationship with China, and brushing over his human rights abuses.  WATCH:


On top of praising Xi Jinping and using his political influence to push for closer ties with the dictator, Biden’s son has extensive business ties with the Chinese regime.

Hunter was paid $30 million to help expand chinese influence and given an $80,000 diamond, acccording to emails discovered on his laptop shortly before the 2020 Presidential election.

Senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson looked in to the business transaction, claiming that its illustrative of a cozy relationship between the Bidens and the Communist Chinese government.  They concluded that the deal represents “Yet another tie between Hunter Biden’s financial arrangements and the communist Chinese government”.

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