Thursday 17 February 2022

BREAKING UPDATE: House Will Investigate Clinton For Spying On Trump Campaign If GOP Gets A Majority, McCarthy Says

 The Durham probe continues to expose the blatant corruption of the US government as well as the Clinton campaign.  On Monday, it was revealed that both Obama and Biden knew about the Clinton campaign’s attempt to use shoddy intelligence to smear President Trump and to gin up a phony FBI investigation against him.  The corruption may have even reached the office of the President.  With the House and Senate currently held by Democrats and the Biden administration refusing to even comment on the scandal, there’s currently no avenue to hold Clinton or those who worked with her accountable.  Republican House Leader Kevin McCarthy announced yesterday that he plans to investigate Clinton as well as her campaign staff if the GOP wins a House majority in 2022.  The Daily Mail Reports

“GOP leader Kevin McCarthy vowed to investigate a finding from Special Counsel Robert Durham that Hillary Clinton was linked to the origin of the Russia collusion probe if Republicans take back the House in November.  

Hillary Clinton refused to answer questions about allegations that her allies spied on the Trump campaign as the controversy continued to engulf her Tuesday.

‘Special Counsel John Durham’s continued investigation into the Russia hoax is essential to getting to the truth and protecting our democracy, and because he has already uncovered several troubling findings, it’s clear that Congress must exercise its oversight responsibilities as well,’ McCarthy said in a statement to Fox News on Tuesday.

He said that if Republicans win the majority in November, they will look into whether ‘federal funds were used, whether federal office-holders abused their power, and investigate other disturbing elements of this spying scheme to ensure nothing like it ever happens again.”

A House investigation may include a probe of Rep. Liz Cheney’s husband and his law firm, who represented the Clinton campaign as they were feeding phony intelligence to the FBI.

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