Thursday 24 February 2022

BREAKING: Putin Warns Of A ‘Finely Tuned And Painful Response’ To Biden’s Sanctions...Boasts Of “Hypersonic Weapons”...Ukraine Is Hit With Massive Cyberattack



The US responded to Russia’s invasion of Eastern Ukraine with sanctions against Putin’s inner circle yesterday.  Germany also halted construction of the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline that was expected to bring in billions of dollars for Russia.

This morning, Russia issued a warning after the United States imposed sanctions, warning that there would be a ‘painful’ response.  Russia launched a nationwide cyberattack against Ukraine and already has staged hundreds of tanks and heavy artillery in Eastern Ukraine, according to Latvian intelligence reports.

The Daily Mail Reports

“Russia warned there would be a ‘painful’ response to sanctions imposed by the United States and its allies against Vladimir Putin’s inner circle as Ukrainian government websites and banks were down after a massive cyberattack.

Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine’s Minister of Digital Transformation, said government websites are the result of a ‘new mass distributed denial-of-service attack.’

It’s unclear who is behind the cyber intrusion.

Ukraine’s security council declared a nationwide state of emergency on Wednesday as Vladimir Putin boasted of the battle-readiness of Russia’s armed forces and President Joe Biden warned of an impending full-scale invasion of the country.

Russian troops are on the move and have entered the eastern region of Ukraine that Russia has recognized as ‘independent,’ the Latvian prime minister told CNN.”

The sanctions, which were a last ditch attempt to deter Putin from further incursions in to Eastern Ukraine, appear to be ineffective as Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said they plan to continue their current course of action.

Russia has said that it is ready for full scale war with Ukraine if necessary, with Putin boasting of the Russian military’s preparedness and its newly acquired ability to launch hypersonic missiles.

The US and Russia were supposed to have a summit this Thursday headed by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Russian Foreign Secretary Sergei Lavrov. The summit was called off by Blinken after Russia began moving troops in to Eastern Ukraine.

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