Wednesday 9 February 2022

BREAKING: Face Mask Wearing Male Who Plowed Into 4 #TruckersForFreedom Supporters With SUV Is Anarchist [VIDEO]

 On Saturday, witnesses in Winnepeg reported that a white vehicle rammed into protesters at the trucker’s “Freedom Convoy.”

In the video below, a white vehicle can be seen speeding up and then ramming into the back of another vehicle where protesters are casually lining the edge of the street. In the video, it appears as though the driver is intentionally ramming into the vehicle in front of it where the pedestrian is also standing.

The driver was alone in his SUV while wearing a face mask.

Four people were injured by the driver of the white SUV when it accelerated and ran into four pedestrians and then quickly drove away. Protesters could be seen running to the person who appeared to have been run over by the white vehicle as they helped him out of the roadway. 


Election Wizard tweeted a video showing how a leftist was behind the unprovoked act of violence.

42-yr-old Anarchist and punk rock band member David Alexander Zegarac has been arrested in connection with the violent incident.

Clarion News reports – With the revelation of Zegarac’s identity and the emergence of his deep roots in Canada’s Antifa punk scene, Antifa supporters who know him are going into damage control. Winnipeg Punks, whose current avatar on Facebook is a crossed-out “convoy,” released a statement saying Zegerac was part of Antifa and Anti-Racist Action (another militant far-left, Antifa group), but that he was a “poseur” and was “despised.”

Although witnesses claimed he accelerated as he ran into four pedestrians, 42-yr-old David Alexander Zegarac has only been charged with four counts of assault with a weapon, failing to stop at the scene of an accident, and dangerous operation of a vehicle causing bodily harm. A Winnipeg police spokesman said in a news conference the day after the attack that they couldn’t speak to the driver’s motivations.

Winnipeg Free Press reports – Zegarac, who goes by “Dave,” was a member of Winnipeg’s punk rock music scene before moving to Newfoundland around 2007. He also lived in Ottawa before returning to Manitoba.

Brat Attack, the Winnipeg band he founded, was mentioned in the entertainment pages of the Free Press many times in the 2000s. One item referred to the band as “a local political punk group.”

“We’re not all that sophisticated,” the singer-guitarist said of the quintet in a 2005 concert preview in the Free Press. “Our purpose is to get younger kids more interested in politics and have fun doing it.”

The article described the band’s sound as “zippy, singalong punk rock with infectious enthusiasm.”

Zegarac and the band performed at a Rock Against Racism concert at the Burton Cummings Theatre in 2007.

New York Post – Zegarac was a former member of The Brat Attack, a Winnipeg-based punk band that has performed songs such as “Hey Harper, You Homophobe Anti-Choice F—, Die, Die, Die,” a reference to Stephen Harper, the conservative Canadian politician, and former Prime Minister.

“This is class war, you rich white f—ks. Ruling class is shit out of luck. Your god is f–king dead; I shot him in the head,” the lyrics said.

Zegarac’s Wikipedia page is now deleted, but an archived version is still available, which links back to several web pages detailing Zegarac’s politics.

His online bio states that his song lyrics deal primarily with anarchist politics and that he is an outspoken vegan and a long-time anti-racist activist.

Police, however, said that Zegarac’s motive in the alleged attack was unclear.

Winnipeg Police Constable Rob Carver addressed the media with a statement about the hit and run:

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