Wednesday 16 February 2022

BLM Activist – Supported By Obama and MSNBC’s Joy Reid Charged With Attempted Murder of Dem Mayoral Candidate

 On Monday night in Lousiville, Kentucky, a popular BLM activist was arrested and charged with the attempted murder of mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg (D). The activist, 21-year-old Quintez Brown, has previously been praised and supported by notable leftist figures such as Barack Obama and MSNBC’s Joy-Ann Reid.

On Monday morning, Brown allegedly walked into Greenberg’s campaign office and began firing off shots at the candidate. Fortunately, no bullets hit Greenberg, although one did hit his clothing and got so close that it ripped a hole in his sweater.

That morning, Greenberg and four members of his campaign team were having a meeting when a man came into the office, aimed a gun at Greenberg, and began shooting. One of Greenberg’s staffers slammed the door shut and they barricaded themselves in using tables and desks.

In an emotional conference following the shooting, Greenberg relayed the horrific events of that morning. “All of us are blessed,” he said, “and I’m blessed to be standing here today with you.”

Mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg giving a press conference following the shooting

In addition to the attempted murder charge, Brown is also facing four counts of first-degree wanton endangerment. 

Not only is Brown a well-known BLM activist but he was also very involved in (ironically) the University of Louisville’s Youth Violence Prevention Research Center. Brown was also running as an independent candidate for Louisville Metro Council.

The alleged shooter has received public support from both Barack Obama and Joy-Ann Reid for his activism. 

Brown, a former intern and editorial columnist for The Courier Journal, was highly praised by his community and local political figures. He even got an exclusive invite to the first national gathering of the Obama Foundation’s My Brother’s Keeper Alliance.

Alleged shooter, Quintez Brown

Journalist Andy Ngo tweeted out significant information about Brown that is not being circulated throughout mass media. Ngo highlighted the far-left and black nationalist content that filled his social media accounts, as well as the communist leaders he publically admired.


Initially, left-wingers across social media immediately assumed the attack on Greenberg was carried out by right-wing white supremacists. One Twitter user, @SenateTim, wrote:

“The right wing media is fomenting violence without a shred of remorse. Just today, a kook right winger tried to execute a Louisville, Ky Democratic candidate for mayor.”



Andy Ngo also revealed that Brown praised communist leaders and critical race theorists on his social media pages.


Brown has a history of strange behavior. Last summer, he went missing for 11 days and, when he was found, the only information that was released was a vague statement from his family, saying, “We are asking for privacy and would appreciate everyone’s patience and support while we tend to the most immediate need, which is Quintez’s physical, mental and spiritual health.”

Brown has pled ‘not-guilty’ to the murder and wanton endangerment charges. His attorney, Rob Eggert, is advocating for Brown’s release because of “potential mental issues”.

“While he’s an outstanding young man, I think there’s some serious mental issues at play here,” said Eggert in court. “I’m going to have him evaluated immediately. I think the bond is high, but I don’t think it should certainly be any higher. He shouldn’t be made an example because of who the victim is.”

Eggert is trying to assert that this man who tried to assassinate a mayoral candidate is an “outstanding young man”. That is certainly an interesting take on the situation.

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