Friday 4 February 2022

Arizona Senate Passes “No Men on Girls’ Sports Teams” Preventing Males From Competing In Women’s Sports – ALL Democrats Oppose


Senate Bill 1165 to prevent males from competing in female sports at public and private schools has passed in the Arizona Senate.

All Democrats except for Senator Juan Mendez, who didn’t vote, voted against this new law to save women’s sports.

The Gateway Pundit reported that a biological male University of Pennsylvania swimmer recently shattered women’s records in multiple races.

The bill will now be transmitted to the AZ House of Representatives, and if passed in the House, Governor Doug Ducey is expected to sign it into law.

The law will apply to K-12 schools and “institutions of higher education.”

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers shared the final vote count on Twitter.

Rogers: We just passed “No Men on Girls’ Sports Teams” in the Arizona Senate. On to the House.

Conservative candidate for State House in Arizona’s District 27, Tatiana Peña, calls the Democrats’ partisan opposition a “slap in the face to women’s rights.”

MAGA Candidate for AZ District 29 State Representative Austin Smith applauded Arizona GOP Senators for standing up to wokeness.

There are only two genders.

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