Wednesday 19 January 2022

“These are the Actions of a Desperate Regime” – Police Use Pepper Spray and Fists against Peaceful Freedom Protestors in Germany


Approx. 350,000 citizens protested Covid tyranny and vax mandates at almost 2000 rallies all over Germany on Monday. German police attacked peaceful protestors with fists and pepper spray in Rostock and Cottbus.

Thousands of protestors in Rostock were caged in with metal fences and surrounded by police. Armored riot police then attacked people at random with fists, clubs and pepper spray, as videos showed.


“The police barricaded the streets on either side of the protest with fences,” a witness told Gateway Pundit. “When people kept going, they were then blocked off in front and behind, and surrounded so they couldn’t escape. Squads of 30 riot police started charging into the crowd, knocking people down indiscriminately, tackling individuals and dragging them away.”

Despite attempts by the propaganda press, to paint them as dangerous radicals, protestors across Germany and Austria took up the chant of “Peace, freedom, no dictatorship!” Journalist Boris Reitschuster documented how at least one production company paid hired extras to stage a “counter-demonstration” for state television.

Protestors were also surrounded by police and attacked with pepper spray in Cottbus, Saxony:

“You should be ashamed of yourself!” protestors told the aggressive riot police.

“These are the actions of a desperate regime”, one witness said.

The police cauldron of Rostock:


Police had pepper spray at the ready.

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