Wednesday, 5 January 2022

The Future of the Country Hinges on Whether Democrats Will Codify Their Election Theft – Senator Manchin Wobbles on His Position Against the Bill


The first thing the Democrats did after stealing the 2020 Election, was to attempt to codify their election theft forevermore.  They are still attempting this total destruction of the country.

We warned ya after the 2020 Election.  If you let these communists steal this election, it will be the last election in the country because they will steal every election going forward.

So what was the first bill the Democrat communists pushed forward after they got away with their steal and RINO Republicans covered it up?  The Dem-cons pushed bill HR-1 – codifying election steals across the country forevermore.

There appeared to be one Democrat who hadn’t yet lost his mind, and that was Senator Manchin from West Virginia.  He said he didn’t agree with (the communist takeover of America) Biden’s Build Back Broke bill and was against changing Senate rules to push through the corrupt election bill.  Now Manchin appears to be waffling.

When asked about Biden’s Build Back Broke plan, Manchin appears to still stand against it.

Then Manchin was asked about changing the centuries-old Senate rules to push through the (communist takeover of our election) HR1, and Manchin waffled.

If this bill passes, America is lost because elections will mean nothing.  Your vote will never matter because fraudulent ballots (like in the 2020 Election) will be inserted into elections and the winners will be those who insert the most garbage ballots. 

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