Tuesday 25 January 2022

Joe diGenova: It’s Very Clear Ray Epps Was Operating as a ‘Cut-Out’ for FBI (VIDEO)


The deceit of the radical left and their cohorts never ends.

Former US Attorney for the District of Columbia, Joe diGenova, went on with Sebastian Gorka to discuss the curious case of Ray Epps, the January 6 instigator who led efforts to storm the US Capitol but for some strange reason has never been indicted or investigated by the Biden regime.

Joe diGenova described Ray Epps as a “cut-out” — an operative working for the FBI.

Joe diGenova: All this stuff wondering about who Ray Epps is and whether or not he worked for the FBI? It’s pretty clear to me because I’ve run informants. I’ve also run something called the cutout, where you don’t work for the FBI but work for a third party who then reports to the FBI. And I think Ray Epps was working for a third party, probably somebody who used to work in Congress on the intelligence committee and then report to the FBI through that third party. It’s not very mysterious. He clearly did something… We shall find out.

Rep. Matt Gaetz then went on the War Room this morning to add that the Democrats used the “whistleblower”, Eric Ciarramella, in the Trump impeachment scam as the cut-out for their source, like Vindmann, who was on the Ukrainian call with President Trump.

What scoundrels we are up against!


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